July 2023

Electrical Science
is now XOVOX.

Unleash Your Data

XOVOX offers accurate retrieval of recordings from product-specific formats commonly used by enterprise platforms like NICE and Verint.
Our customer focus is any organization that records and retains telephone calls and chats, including financial services firms, insurance companies, energy traders, and government agencies. We do bulk retrieval to help you upgrade your recording platform, maintain compliance readiness, execute eDiscovery productions, and enable analytics.

Simply put, our goal is to leave no data behind.

Data Format Liberation

Whether you are upgrading to a cloud contact center (CCaaS), or retrieving evidence for a litigation, or populating an analytics package (for speech-to-text, sentiment analysis, or quality assurance), you need access to your recorded communications, no matter when or where those were recorded.

It’s YOUR data. You deserve to be able to do what you want with it. Unfortunately, many recording file formats make that difficult and burdensome.

XOVOX deformats voice and chat data from most digital recording systems in use over the past 30 years. We do it with complete accuracy and without compromising compliance or security.

We give you the foundation to leverage your voice and chat data as you build your knowledge management capabilities and incorporate AI into your business.

We help you reclaim your data.

Beneath the Layers

XOVOX is able to deformat your archived voice data AND transcode it, going the extra mile to reunite your organization with its data.

Moving Mountains to the Cloud

Our proven methods allow organizations to move large volumes of inaccessible data to your preferred cloud vendor.

Sole Solution

XOVOX's experience is unrivaled in the industry. We enable businesses in any sector to strengthen their product offerings, marketing, and customer service. Let your voice data be heard!

Format Mastery

For years, XOVOX has been quietly assisting businesses, law enforcement, government, and law firms with voice records that were otherwise inaccessible due to damaged or outmoded media, or due to proprietary formatting.

XOVOX has long been the undisputed expert in voice data retrieval, and we leverage that expertise to retrieve and port your chat data as well. We offer the only available solution for accessing ALL of your recorded data from NICE, Verint, Genesys, Calabrio, Racal Wordnet, Eyretel MediaStore, Dictaphone Guardian, and other enterprise recording platforms.

Access Granted

In today’s world there is nothing more frustrating or debilitating than being unable to access your own data. XOVOX strives to make this a thing of the past.

Triumph and Testament

XOVOX’s unique services are often game changing for our clients. See what they have to say in their own words.

We identified and met with 3 potential service providers then evaluated their proposed solutions. XOVOX’s presentation was professional and clearly defined our requirements along with the desired outcome. Andy and his team communicated with the Bulldog team throughout the project then delivered the project exactly as they promised. XOVOX has deep expertise in audio conversion and was a great partner.

– Sharon Miller, President & CEO, Bulldog Consulting Services

XOVOX helped us meet our state’s requirements for documenting and retaining government proceedings. From the start, we were confident we had picked the right company to do this job. Their knowledge, thoroughness and professionalism were great. And we will call on them again.

– Aly Jabrocki, MLIS, CA
Director and State Archivist, Colorado State Archives


The Format Authority

Meet the technology experts behind XOVOX’s unique format migration service.