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Out With the Old, In With the New

We build the bridge between your old voice recordings and your new call recording platform or archive. If you don't have a new system, we can provide one.

Getting Repopulated

You've just spent months specifying, procuring, and installing your new recording platform or corporate digital archive. You may be upgrading your obsolete system and are already using our XTRACT service to retrieve the old data. Or perhaps there is an new corporate initiative to store all of your digital assets (including recordings) into an enterprise archive.

But how do you get your data in there? Many platforms offer a detailed document explaining acceptable file formats, audio compressions, metadata formats, and network/storage protocols. You have millions (or billions) of files, and they all need to be prepared for import. The process needs to be done exhaustively and accurately, with no files lost or unaccounted for.

Convert. Upload. Replay.

XOVOX can help prepare your voice recordings and corresponding metadata for import into any system with a documented ingestion mechanism, and even into some systems without any published spec.

We call it XPAND. It allows you to preserve your legacy data by making it available in your new environment, whether it be a new recorder or audio repository or digital archive. 

See our roster of supported targets for XPAND. For audio, we can convert to most open formats, typically WAV files with G.711 compression (supports mono and stereo). For metadata, we can convert to CSV, XML, JSON, SQL, or any text format. And we can upload directly to AWS S3, Azure Blob, or any RESTful mechanism.

How It Works

  • XPAND prepares audio and metadata for ingestion into modern voice recorders such as Verint WFO, ASC Neo, Red Box Quantify, or any platform with an import specification for audio files (e.g. WAV w/ G.711 compression) and metadata (e.g CSV, XML.
  • XPAND can also format data to be imported into search & replay audio archive products such as Wilmac Continuity Replay, Bloomberg Vault, Veritas Hubstor, or litigation review platforms. The conversion can be performed to conform with internal security policies and comply with applicable government regulations.
  • XOVOX guarantees the quality of the conversion and can provide a legal attestation of accuracy.
Case Study

Universal Access for Various Formats

One of the largest life insurance companies in the world teamed up with XOVOX to develop a faster way to access customer data trapped in legacy telephone recordings.



Triumph and Testament

XOVOX’s unique services are often game-changing for our clients. See what they have to say in their own words.

We identified and met with 3 potential service providers then evaluated their proposed solutions. XOVOX’s presentation was professional and clearly defined our requirements along with the desired outcome. Andy and his team communicated with the Bulldog team throughout the project then delivered the project exactly as they promised. XOVOX has deep expertise in audio conversion and was a great partner.

– Sharon Miller, President & CEO, Bulldog Consulting Services

XOVOX helped us meet our state’s requirements for documenting and retaining government proceedings. From the start, we were confident we had picked the right company to do this job. Their knowledge, thoroughness and professionalism were great. And we will call on them again.

– Aly Jabrocki, MLIS, CA
Director and State Archivist, Colorado State Archives