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Voice Data Champions

It’s your data. But all the countless hours of your organization’s recorded phone calls are only yours if you can easily access them – now and forever.

XOVOX deformats audio trapped in proprietary call recording formats. We let you truly own your data.


You may be too late to rescue your old premised-based recorder, but not the voice data it has captured. Whether you need a specific subset of recordings and metadata or want to have the entire set of legacy data available for access, XOVOX's XTRACT solution offers an unrivaled data retrieval service to help you. We can extract audio and metadata from outdated and even damaged media – without any need for the original recording equipment. We can pull data matching specific criteria, or retrieve the entire repository and prepare it for import in a new system.


You're happy with your current call recording system, but you may also wish to get more value out of the captured calls by leveraging today’s state-of-the-art voice analytics tools. XOVOX’s XPORT247 service can export your voice data on a regular ongoing basis into an open format for subsequent ingestion into your preferred processing engine, thus providing a necessary bridge to quality assurance, customer insight, and AI analysis tools.


When you upgrade to a new recorder, dealing with the old one (and the data trapped within it) is often an afterthought

Due to retention rules, many companies still need to access their old recordings, sometimes for 10 years or more. XOVOX XPAND allows you to import your old audio in to your new system and achieve a "single pane of glass" for both your old and new recordings. Alternatively, we can provide a separate, low-maintenance search & replay repository for your legacy recordings.

XOVOX Custom Services

Then there are times when you may need a tailor-made solution to meet your unique voice data needs. It may be related to failed hardware, cloud migration, DevOps, compliance rules, or other factors. With decades of combined audio data experience, the XOVOX team is built to solve your most complex recording challenges. Go “next level” with our Custom Services. Some examples:

  • Extract recordings from crashed recorders or damaged magnetic tapes

  • Recording retrieval and transcoding via DevOps CICD pipeline and automation tools (e.g. SaltStack, Puppet)

  • Forensic analysis for litigations to confirm (or question) recording accuracy and integrity


Questions Answered

XOVOX is a unique business. We’re not surprised that you might have questions. So, we’ve prepared some answers for you in anticipation.


Triumph and Testament

XOVOX’s unique services are often game-changing for our clients. See what they have to say in their own words.

We identified and met with 3 potential service providers then evaluated their proposed solutions. XOVOX’s presentation was professional and clearly defined our requirements along with the desired outcome. Andy and his team communicated with the Bulldog team throughout the project then delivered the project exactly as they promised. XOVOX has deep expertise in audio conversion and was a great partner.

– Sharon Miller, President & CEO, Bulldog Consulting Services

XOVOX helped us meet our state’s requirements for documenting and retaining government proceedings. From the start, we were confident we had picked the right company to do this job. Their knowledge, thoroughness and professionalism were great. And we will call on them again.

– Aly Jabrocki, MLIS, CA
Director and State Archivist, Colorado State Archives