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White papers, blog posts, and other insights, advice, and happenings from XOVOX related to call recording practices: from retrieval, migration, and consolidation, to compliance, eDiscovery, AI, and more.

Surviving Life after EOL

What to do when your voice recording platform becomes obsolete A dreaded moment for any enterprise technology customer is to be informed that a certain piece of computer software or [...]
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The Legacy Voice Data Decision

Many companies that record voice traffic are required to store the date for five or more years. But what if you upgrade your recorder? What should you do with your [...]
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The Voice Recording Regulatory Landscape

The banking and insurance industries are subject to some of the world’s most stringent and prescriptive records retention requirements. And it is getting more challenging every day, particularly for voice [...]
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Record Keeping For Compliance

This is the first in a series of articles about enterprise-level voice data. Here we discuss compliance. Subsequent articles will address record keeping regulations, data normalization, data consolidation and AI. [...]
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