Formats Supported

XOVOX is the expert in voice data retrieval from obsolete or damaged call recording systems, and then migrating it to your new environment. We support all the major call recording platforms and many legacy systems.

Voice Logger Formats Read

We can export call data from most voice loggers which have been used over the past 30 years.
  • ASC Marathon (DDS tapes)
  • Audix Voicemail, variously manufactured by AT&T, Lucent, Avaya (CD-RW, DVD-RAM, QIC tape, Travan tape, MO disk)
  • BT Trading Turrets w/ embedded voice loggers (NICE, Witness, Verint)
  • Calabrio (including standalone and Cisco-embedded)
  • Comverse Ultra (DDS tapes)
  • CyberTech (nonstandard WAV files)
  • Dictaphone Guardian (DDS tapes)
  • Dictaphone Freedom (nonstandard WAV files)
  • Enghouse Interactive
  • Eventide
  • Eyretel E500, E1000 (DDS tapes)
  • Eyretel Mediastore (DDS tapes)
  • Genesys
  • IPC Trading Turrets with embedded voice loggers (NICE)
  • Knoahsoft
  • Lanier LDL416, LDL848 (DDS tapes)
  • Mercom (and Verint) Audiolog (DVD-RAM, ASF/AVI/WAV files)
  • Motorola radio systems with embedded voice loggers (NICE)
  • NICE Inform (NMF files, nonstandard WAV files)
  • NICE 8.9 (DDS tapes, AIT tapes, DVD-RAM)
  • NICE NiceCall Focus (DDS tapes, AIT tapes, DVD-RAM)
  • NICE NiceLog (DOS-based) versions 5 and newer (DDS tapes)
  • NICE NTR (nonstandard WAV files)
  • NICE Perform / NIM / Engage (NMF files)
  • Nortel CallPilot Voicemail (QIC tapes)
  • Northern Telecom Meridian Mail Voicemail (QIC tapes)
  • OAISYS / Mitel (PVD files)
  • Qfiniti
  • Racal Mirra II and IV (DVD-RAM)
  • Racal Wordnet (DDS tapes, DVD-RAM)
  • Red Box Recorders
  • Revcord (DSF files)
  • Talking Technology Bigmouth (MSG files)
  • Thales (and NICE) Wordnet Series 3 (VXA tapes, DVD-RAM)
  • Verint Impact / WFO / ACR versions 7.8 thru 15.2 (TAR or nonstandard WAV files with XML metadata)
  • Weston Digital Audionet (DVD-RAM, SEG files)
  • Witness Actionable Solutions (TAR files)
  • Other formats may be available, please inquire

Supported Target Formats

We can deliver the metadata in any text format.
Even if your format is not on our list, we can probably generate it if you provide the spec.
  • ASC Neo
  • AWS S3 Buckets
  • Bloomberg Vault
  • CallCabinet Atmos
  • ComitFS CAS
  • Concordance
  • IBM Watson
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Azure Storage Containers
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Morae eDiscovery platform
  • Numonix
  • Red Box
  • Tethr
  • Verint Audiolog
  • Verint Impact 360, WFO, ACR
  • Veritas Hubstor
  • Wilmac Continuity Replay
  • Custom metadata formats in XML, CSV, JSON, SQL
  • Most storage protocols including CIFS, NFS, S3, HTTP, REST