Accessing Data from Outmoded DVDs

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As-needed retrieval of archived call recordings from obsolete voice logger



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Retrieving data from obsolete systems

The Challenge

An insurance company had ten years of call center audio that was originally recorded by a NICE 8.9 voice logger and stored to 900 DVD-RAM disks. These disks are in a format that isn’t playable on any modern computer. Furthermore, the original playback system ran on an old failing hardware that used a long-obsolete operating system (Windows 2003). The only upgrade options from the original manufacturer were not cheap.

The ongoing need to access these recordings is an important, but relatively infrequent activity for our client (roughly ten times a year); so upgrading the existing equipment and converting all of the audio data would be time-consuming and cost-prohibitive.

Solution Overview

Our client chose XOVOX’s XPORT247 service. This online service allows an upload of a DVD-RAM image to the XOVOX cloud portal in order to initiate an automated retrieval. The conversion takes several hours, and the customer can then download the extracted recordings (in WAV file format) and accompanying per-call metadata (in CSV format) as a ZIP file.

The Result

Our client has on-demand access to their DVD-RAM library that fits their usage patterns at a reasonable price.

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