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Migrating Legacy Voice Data to the Cloud

Business sector



Migrating legacy voice recordings and metadata to a new cloud platform


Verint, EMC Centera, EOL

Business Drivers

Migrating off legacy systems, Maintaining compliance

The Challenge

A New York-based life insurer was storing over 10 million recorded conversations in EMC Centera. EMC discontinued Centera and announced an End of Life (EOL) date for the product of March 31, 2023.  At the same time, the insurer had chosen to discontinue its Verint relationship in favor of a new cloud-based recording solution. The insurer needed a new storage solution for the recordings and a new audio replay system in order to maintain industry compliance. Maintaining uninterrupted access to electronic records and legacy recordings is a critical component of insurance industry compliance.

Solution Overview

XOVOX has extensive experience with volume retrievals from enterprise class storage. We extracted and deformatted the audio from its proprietary encoding and converted to WAV format with linking to per-call metadata.  Then, using XPAND we migrated the audio and metadata to the insurer’s long-term retention system.

The Result

The insurer’s voice recordings were transcoded and migrated into a long term storage repository, thus alleviating concerns of having data stranded in an obsolete platform.

As importantly, our client simplified their operations because they are now managing their voice data from a single dashboard/interface.


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