Xtract, Xport247, Xpand, Custom Services

Unifying 300 Million Recordings Into a Single System


Migrating 300 million recordings from multiple recorders into a single platform

Business sector

Financial Services


NICE 8.9, NICE Perform, Racal Wordnet, Comverse, DDS tape, AIT tape, AWS S3

Business Drivers

Migrating off legacy systems, Consolidating voice data platforms

The Challenge

A large financial services company had grown through a series of mergers and acquisitions. Each of the business units had a unique telephone call recording environment using legacy recorders like NICE 8.9, NICE Perform, Racal Wordnet, and Comverse Ultra. In addition, the Company was utilizing Genesys for new recordings.

Needing to manage and access over 300 million individual recordings, the Company decided to consolidate and modernize. Its objectives included:

  • creating a single audio portal for all of the business units
  • converting the audio into an open format to eliminate future compatibility issues
  • hosting this new portal in the cloud
Solution Overview

This was a complex assignment that required the full set of XOVOX services – XTRACT, XPORT247, XPAND, and Custom Services

For the target system, XOVOX installed a Wilmac Continuity Replay audio repository on the Company’s AWS-hosted virtual machines. With browser-based Continuity Replay, users can easily find and replay recordings. We configured Continuity Replay to use the Company’s existing Active Directory server for user authentication. This created a layer of security that restricted access for individual users to only their respective business units. (XPAND)

XOVOX extracted all of the legacy audio from a variety of storage formats including NICE NMF files and DDS & AIT magnetic tape. We transcoded all audio to WAV files with GSM 06.10 compression. We chose GSM 06.10 because it provides good audio quality, is universally supported on all platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android), and uses minimal storage space. (XTRACT)

For the active recording system, we set up an hourly process to monitor for new recordings and convert appropriately for automated import into Continuity Replay. (XPORT247)

For all of the call data, including legacy and current, XOVOX converted all per-call metadata into a common unified field set including start/stop timestamps, agent name, business unit name, ANI, and DNIS.

Once the conversion work was completed, we uploaded all of the audio files (100+ TB) to the company’s AWS S3 storage account. The Continuity Replay system accesses the audio directly from this S3 account. (Custom Services)

The Result

The company now has all of its recordings stored in a single portal. It can manage users identically to other systems within the company (via Active Directory). And by migrating to the cloud, it gained significant cost savings by shutting down many onsite servers and discontinuing costly annual software support contracts for many of its legacy systems.


Universal Access for Multiple Formats