Introducing XOVOX – Unleash Your Data

Managing your voice data and keeping it accessible is essential for any organization that records telephone traffic – whether it is for compliance, litigation readiness, or improving how you operate (e.g., moving to the cloud or using the latest speech analytics tools to improve customer service).
XOVOX gets you there. Our goal is to leave no data behind. We specialize in migrating call recordings and metadata from legacy recorder models (NICE, Verint, Genesys, Red Box, Racal, and others) and all types of storage (local disk, NAS, Centera, cloud, tapes, DVDs) into today’s standard file formats. We can also process ongoing daily call recordings to enable speech analytics, transcription, or any service that requires recordings to be in an “open” format.
We have been specializing in giving our clients access to their voice data for over 20 years. Past clients include insurance companies, financial institutions, healthcare organizations, governments, law enforcement, call centers, and more.

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