July 2023

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Ongoing Conversion of Your Voice Data

Our XPORT247 service can process your business-as-usual call volume.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

Stuck Inside the Box

You may be perfectly satisfied with your current recording platform, perhaps going back many years. But new technologies emerge all the time, and these days, speech analytics engines lead the pack. Some perform speech-to-text transcription. and others offer new ways to gauge your customer happiness and agent effectiveness. There are many competitors, including Call Journey, CallMiner, Clarabridge, IBM Watson, Stratifyd, Tethr, Voci, Xdroid, most of the cloud providers, and more.

Or: You may have already migrated to a cloud-based recorder, but the provider has placed a maximum time limit on your old recordings (perhaps two years). But if your retention requirement exceeds the max, you will need to regularly pull the oldest data out of the system and store elsewhere.

Or: You have an archive of millions of recordings stored on thousands of DVD-RAMs. You can't afford to convert them all, but you do need focused audio retrievals on a regular basis.

But how to free your data?

XPORT247 Opens Up Your Data

XPORT247 provides a way for you to continuously export and convert your voice data on a regular basis, without the need for an expensive toolkit or additional licenses from your existing vendor. XPORT247 is an automated bundled version of our XTRACT and XPAND services and is intended to run hands-off as part of your existing regularly scheduled jobs for backups, mirroring, etc.

XPORT247 can run hourly, daily, or weekly, depending on your recording volume and business needs. It can also run on-demand. You can push your data to the service, or you can arrange for us to fetch it regularly from your archive and database. It can also deliver the converted data for automatic ingestion into your speech analytics engine or cold storage archive. It has many deployment options and is hosted in the cloud. With additional customization and professional services, it can also be deployed on-premise.

How We Do It

  • Our XPORT247 conversion service is hosted in the cloud and integrates with your existing recording environment via secure network protocols. It can perform thousands of conversions per hour, keeping up with your ongoing call volume.
  • We can also deploy XPORT247 capability on-premise, with some custom services necessary in order to integrate into your infrastructure.
  • We XTRACT each recording from your existing system, and then XPAND it to the proper format for subsequent ingestion into your speech analytics engine or audio archive.

Key Benefits

  • Ongoing extraction and ingestion of your voice data
  • Allows audio to be analyzed by third-party BI platforms
  • Convert nonstandard audio records to WAV in real time
  • Cloud or on-premise solutions available
Case Study

Accessing Data from Outdated DVDs

An insurance company had ten years of call center audio that was originally recorded by a NICE 8.9 voice logger and stored to 900 DVD-RAM disks.



Triumph and Testament

XOVOX’s unique services are often game-changing for our clients. See what they have to say in their own words.

We identified and met with 3 potential service providers then evaluated their proposed solutions. XOVOX’s presentation was professional and clearly defined our requirements along with the desired outcome. Andy and his team communicated with the Bulldog team throughout the project then delivered the project exactly as they promised. XOVOX has deep expertise in audio conversion and was a great partner.

– Sharon Miller, President & CEO, Bulldog Consulting Services

XOVOX helped us meet our state’s requirements for documenting and retaining government proceedings. From the start, we were confident we had picked the right company to do this job. Their knowledge, thoroughness and professionalism were great. And we will call on them again.

– Aly Jabrocki, MLIS, CA
Director and State Archivist, Colorado State Archives