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Integrating Voice Data Post‑Acquisition

Business sector



Migrating an acquired company’s legacy call center to the acquirer’s environment



Business Drivers

Migrating off legacy systems, Consolidating voice data platforms, Maintain compliance

The Challenge

A Fortune 200 insurance and financial services company acquired the life insurance unit of a Fortune 100 global insurer. To assist with the acquisition integration, the Fortune 200 company retained Bulldog Consulting Services to manage several key aspects of the project.

A critical part of the technical integration was migrating the Fortune 100 insurer’s legacy contact center call files into the Fortune 200 company’s contact center platform. However, there was a format compatibility problem. The Fortune 100 insurer used a NICE NIM voice logger which stored recordings in NICE NMF file format. The Fortune 200 company’s platform could not read NMF files.

Solution Overview

Bulldog Consulting engaged XOVOX to convert the Fortune 100 insurer’s NMF files to open WAV format. XOVOX also extracted all per-call metadata from the NICE database (SQL Server) and stored it in a Microsoft Access database, with corresponding hyperlinks to each WAV file.

The Result

The insurer now has on-demand access to the legacy recordings which were delivered as part of the acquisition. With this, the insurer can more easily satisfy regulatory retention rules, resolve customer support issues, and use the data to improve its offerings and customer service.


“We identified and met with 3 potential service providers and then evaluated their proposed solutions. XOVOX’s presentation was professional and clearly matched our requirements along with the desired outcome. Andy and his team communicated with the Bulldog team throughout the project and delivered the project exactly as they promised. XOVOX has deep expertise in audio conversion and was a great partner..”

Sharon Miller, President & CEO,
Bulldog Consulting Services


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